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Program Philosophy 

We at Greater Beginnings understand the difficulty in finding good, quality childcare. Our program is designed so that children will love to come and play with friends and find new adventures each time they visit. We strive to provide our parents with the comfort of knowing that their children are in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment.

We believe children learn best through their own interests and play. We plan experiences around the children’s interests to let them grow, learn and explore the world around them at the child’s developmental level. The curriculum is planned to incorporate children’s interests, to strengthen areas in which an individual child is challenged, to extend their development in areas where they are strong and to make learning fun. We believe children should be given opportunities to develop to their highest potential.

Parents should be partners in their children’s childcare experiences. A diverse community is important in learning to cooperate and respect others. Children, caregivers, and parents should feel safe when they are here. Reasonable limits, consistently maintained, give children a sense of security and help them gain self-control.

Our purpose is to provide a safe, comfortable environment for children to recreate, learn and enjoy themselves while their parents or guardians attend work or school.
We offer full-time and part-time day programs, as well as extended Saturday hours for on-demand drop-off services in order to meet all of your family’s childcare needs.

Children are initially assigned to a group based on both age and development. Part of our philosophy is that children thrive and develop strong relationships when they are with a stable group of children and teachers. It is our goal to place children where they will be most successful, taking into account individual children’s social and emotional development, as well as their level of independence in self-help skills, such as toileting.

We have the following programs

IconPeas - Infants (6 weeks -12 Months)

  • Infant activities for babies up to twelve months old include a number of activities that fit within the child’s daily routine of feeding, eating, diapering, and playing to stimulate learning.
  • These activities promote learning in a fun way, such as finding hidden objects, watching the light of a flashlight, feeling different textures, and banging pots and pans.


IconPlums - Younger Toddlers & Toddlers (12 Months – 30 Months)

  • Activities for toddlers between the age of 1 and 2 years might include matching games, teaching songs, object play, developing language skills and making discoveries.


IconApples - Preschoolers (30 Months – 4 Yrs.)

  • Preschoolers engage in Kindergarten preparatory activities. These areas include eight multiple intelligences following the Howard Gardner Theory of Multiple Intelligences. These include words, numbers, pictures, music, self-exploration, nature, and people. Theses intelligences enable our teachers to address the needs of each student on an individual basis.


IconOranges - School-agers (5 Yrs. And Up)

  • Our school-age students enjoy a balance of planned activities (arts and crafts, sports and games, group projects) and time to unwind (indoor/outdoor play, reading, drawing). When school-agers attend for a full day during vacations, etc. field trips and special events occur add to the fun.

Greater Beginnings offers a Full-Time and Part-Time program, as well as drop-off services available Monday – Saturday.

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